Our Vision: To prepare children in our church and community to know Jesus and become like Him.

Our Purpose: To guide young lives to know Jesus as friend and Savior

Our Mission: The Children's Ministry of First Baptist Church, Independence, MO is united in our commitment to:

* Preparing children in our church and surrounding community to face life's daily challenges;

* Offering a caring, nurturing Christian environment,, ensuring all children feel loved and valued;

* Encouraging children to reach out to others using God's Word as their foundation;

* Providing Christian love and support through family, church, community and most importantly, one's personal relationship with Jesus.


What is all this K.I.D.Z. business, anyway? What happened to Sunday School?
We are trying to put a face on our ministry to and with children. Many of you have seen a brochure entitled KING'Z K.I.D.Z.. This name is an umbrella for all we do with children from nursery through 5th grade from VBS to everything in between.
K.I.D.Z. Street is what we used to call Sunday School, but what kid wants to go to school on Sunday, right? It is from 9:00 - 10:00 am, the same time as Bible Study for all other ages. It is specifically for ages Kindergarten through 5th grade. Nursery and Pre- School have their own design and curriculum.

How do I get my child after K.I.D.Z. Street and my Bible Study is over?
For safety concerns, children Kindergarten through 2nd grade must be picked up from K.I.D.Z. Street by an adult. If a child is 3rd grade and older, they maybe escorted to the foyer by a leader to meet you during the Fellowship Time.  If you have special circumstances, please let David Scott know at 816-350-3953.

K.I.D.Z. Sermon: meet Mr. Dave on the steps for our object lesson after the welcome during the 10:30 am Worship Service.  Be prepared to share!

K.I.D.Z. Bulletins & Worship Bags:   are provided on the ushers tables at the entrance to the sanctuary.  These help the little ones stay focused and occupied during Worship Service.  Please return the bags to the hooks after the Worship Service.  

Extended Session:  if you have a toddler or younger that may need more wiggle room, you may choose to bring them to the nursery during Worship Service.  Our volunteers will lovingly care for  them and keep them safe during this time.  

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